Uhh.. Naïl & Naïs.. what does that even mean?

Well.. Nothing actually. It does sound sassy doesn’t it? As eighties babies we’ve fallen in love with our moms Anaïs Anaïs perfume. That name was the foundation of our brand.

Ok.. Weird. However, what do you stand for?

If you stand for nothing, Burr, what'll you fall for? (Yes, we’ve officially seen Hamilton, it cost us a kidney and all of our savings but it was the loveliest experience ever)
We come from different backgrounds, which reflects in the products we offer.
We believe in the color pink, inclusion, bubblegum, positivity, diversity, making people laugh, sisterhood, quality over quantity, inspiration, co-operating, sustainability and most importantly glitter-pissing-unicorns.
We’re a bunch of contradictions on two legs, half turned minimalists who want to contribute to this world while secretly still being totally obsessed with cute stuff (the struggle is real y’all!).
After a long debate with ourselves, we’ve met halfway.
Ready for our official concessions? Let's get to it.

Our values:

We love (a lot of) glittery, pink, gold, quotish, banglie, #SoExtra stuff. But, how does that add up once you’ve converted to minimalism and anti-fast-shizzle? Well, that’s a really good question!
We are allowed to sell only the things we truly love ourselves. You know, that goosebump kind of stuff. You see it, you want it and you want it now. But, these are out bullet points:
    • We can only sell things we would love buying ourselves. This is exactly what we do, we design/buy something, try it out for a while before deciding if this is something we can love longtime. If we see a long term relationship happening, the next point comes in action. Our products are not for people with commitment issues. You’re in it for the long haul.

    • Next big ass thing, the quality needs to be AH-MAH-ZING. Why? Because we really, really, reallyyy dislike waste. So, if we want to love something longtime, it needs to hold up for a long time right? That’s why we research all of our materials before buying. If we see something we love, but we also recognise that the materials used are not living up to our standards, we adjust it. We’re stubborn like that.

    • It needs to be as fair made as possible. We’re still working this out on the go, but we’re trying our best here. Factories are nog allowed to have child labor and we pay fair prices when it comes to our items. 

    • And last but not least, when landing on our little bubble, we want to trigger every happiness hormone inside your brain possible. The internet can be a pretty dark dumpster, we’ve decided to go against that.

We love your feedback
Again, welcome in our precious little bubble. If you have anything to share with us, show some love, great ideas, awesome quotes, uplifting feedback or Netflix tips! We love to be in contact with you guys.
Now, lets give you a big virtual hug. A very pink, bubbly, glittery hug that is  :-))